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Vapor Degreasing 101: What Is It, And What Are the Benefits?

Vapor degreasing is a powerful, efficient cleaning and degreasing process that in a matter of seconds removes contaminants like machining oils, cutting fluids, waxes, flux and many more via "solvent cleaning". Many industries from aerospace companies to metal fabricators use vapor degreasing to precision clean metal and machined parts.

Time to Replace nPB (n propyl bromide)

It is time to replace your nPB (n propyl bromide) vapor degreasing solvent with AeroTron-100™, the next generation solvent that has significant benefits beyond having a TLV of 150 ppm (nPB is at .1 ppm). AeroTron-100™ is highly stable and does not need boosting or bath testing. Read more or give us a call at 847.640.8923.

Removing Abrasive From Badges - Validation & Sample Part Cleaning

Difficulty removing polishing abrasive with wiping because of the deep grooves in the badge. AeroTron™ in the ULTRA™ vapor degreaser equipped with ultrasonics removed abrasive quickly and completely. Reliance provides validation and test part cleaning services.

The Benefits of Vapor Degreasing with Reliance Specialty Products

Consistent part cleanliness is one of the major reasons many companies choose vapor degreasing. This video provides an overview of the key benefits of vapor degreasing.

Vapor Degreasing Spray Manifold Demo

ULTRA™ vapor degreaser engineered with spray manifolds for added cleaning capacity in a vapor with spray, vapor degreasing system.

Vapor Cleaning Wax with AeroTron™

Cleaning glass part of wax with AeroTron™ vapor degreasing solvent which is an nPB replacement solvent. Fast, efficient vapor cleaning removes wax and other organic contaminants. AeroTron™ has superior cleaning power and excellent H&S profile.

Cleaning Thousands of Small Parts

AeroTron™ in the ULTRA™ vapor degreaser equipped with ultrasonics completely cleaned and dried the parts in two minutes.

Cleaning Polishing Abrasive from Brass

Video demonstrations how ultrasonics can be used to quickly clean polishing abrasive from brass.

Degreasing with AeroTron™

Vapor Degreasing demonstration of a stainless-steel tube covered in drawing oil. Completely cleaned in 10 seconds in the vapor zone of the ULTRA™ Vapor Degreasing System.

Vapor Cleaning Bearing Grease

Vapor degreasing in ultrasonics is a powerful process for removing bearing grease and other heavy greases from machined parts. This cleaning demonstration shows a ball bearing being cleaned of a significant amount of bearing grease.

Asphalt Extraction

AeroTron™ can be used to dissolve tar & bitumen from shingles and other asphalt substrates quickly. AeroTron™ is used by DOTs instead of nPB & TCE.

Advantages of Solvent Cleaning Over Aqueous Cleaning

Here are some considerations if you are investigating solvent-based vapor degreasing. Solvent-based vapor degreasing is an advantageous cleaning process compared to aqueous (water-based) cleaning.

Power Drain Feature for ULTRA™ Vapor Degreaser

Power pump out feature for easy and safe spent solvent transfer from boil sump to 55-gallon drum. Minimizes worker solvent exposure, reduces spills, and simplifies maintenance.

Cleanliness Validation

This video shows a simple field test to verify the cleanliness of a part using Accu Dynes Test pens.

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