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Reliance is the only company that provides a complete turn-key vapor degreasing package that gets you up and running FAST!!!

12 Considerations For Purchasing a Vapor Degreaser

This video discusses 12 considerations for purchasing a vapor degreaser. It provides guidelines into the type of features and how to size the unit based on your cleaning, throughput and production needs.

ULTRA™ 1212 LE

The ULTRA 1212 low emission vapor degreaser has excellent best current practice features.

ULTRA™ 1212 LE with Basket Handling System

Features of the ULTRA 1212 LE Vapor Degreasing System with Automated Basket Handling Elevator.

ULTRA™ 2012-N LE

The ULTRA 2012-N LE vapor degreaser that fits through a standard 30" doorway has casters for easy movement around the factory floor.

ULTRA™ 2012 LE Dual Automated Basket Elevator

This video shows the ULTRA™ 2012 LE (low emission) dual basket elevator that allows you to process parts independently in the ultrasonic immersion side while at the same time processing a different basket (with different processing recipe) in the boil side of the vapor degreaser for maximized cleaning throughput.

The ULTRA™ 2012 LE Vapor Degreaser Features

The ULTRA™ 2012 LE has excellent best current practice features.

The Power of Ultrasonics in ULTRA™ 2012 LE

Ultrasonics shown here on the ULTRA™ 2012 LE enhance the vapor degreasing process. Ultrasonic vapor degreasing penetrates blind holes and enhances cleaning of difficult contaminants.

ULTRA™ 2216 LE

The features and benefits of the ULTRA™ 2216 LE are summarized.

ULTRA™ 2216 LE with Basket Handling System

The vapor degreasing system on the ULTRA™ 2216 LE can process basket loads up to 100 lbs. It can be programmed with 30 different part cleaning recipes for different parts.

ULTRA™ 2424 LE with Basket Handling System

Vapor degreaser demonstration of the basket handling system on the large ULTRA 2424 LE ultrasonic immersion system. The basket loads at the right side of the tank, moves through the cleaning cycle and unloads on the left side of the tank.

Features & Benefits of ULTRA™ VS-4 LE

The features and benefits of the ULTRA™ VS-4 are summarized.

Automated Lid for Large ULTRA™ Vapor Degreaser

The 2-part lid makes processing parts in large ULTRA™ vapor degreasers easier. A push of a button opens the large lid from the center and makes the unit available for processing the part basket. The automated lid helps minimize solvent evaporation when the vapor degreaser is not in use like overnight or during extended down-time.

Spray Manifolds Enhance Cleaning in Vapor Degreaser

Spray manifolds can be added to a vapor degreasing system to enhance cleaning. Spray manifolds can be added to vapor only units to give an additional layer of cleaning to blind holes and complex geometries. The manifolds are activated by foot pedal or automation to minimize worker solvent interaction.
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Gantry Hoist - Vertical Basket Handling

The optional basket handling gantry system is an economical option for processing heavy loads vertically while minimizing worker contact with solvent. The gantry is a flexible basket lift that can be tailored to your vapor degreasing needs with adjustable lengths, heights and basket load sizes.

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