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Vapor & Spray Degreasers


Reliance manufactures a complete line of Vapor and Spray Degreasing Systems uniquely designed for:

  • Vapor Cleaning of Parts
  • Supplemented by Spray Cleaning
  • Optional Automated Spray Manifolds
All ULTRA™ units include Reliance's Standard 1 year new equipment warranty and comprehensive training.
ULTRA™ Vapor & Spray Degreasers
ULTRA™ MODEL STANDARD Vapor Zone (Dimensions) STANDARD Solvent Requirement OPTIONAL Vapor Zone Widths OPTIONAL Vapor Zone Depths
VS-2 24”L x 12”W x 18”D 12 gallons No custom widths No custom depths
VS-4012 40”L x 12”W x 20”D 18 gallons No custom widths No custom depths
VS-4416 44”L x 16”W x 30”D 24 gallons No custom widths No custom depths
VS-3 36”L x 24”W x 24”D 51 gallons 30” or 36” Wide 30”, 36” or 42” Deep
VS-4 48”L x 24”W x 24”D 61 gallons 30”, 36”, 42” or 48” Wide 30”, 36” or 42” Deep
VS-5 60”L x 24”W x 24”D 71 gallons 30”, 36”, 42” or 48” Wide 24”, 36”, or 42” Deep
VS-6 72”L x 24”W x 24”D 81 gallons 30”, 36”, 42” or 48” Wide 30”, 36”, 42” or 48” Deep
VS-8 96”L x 24”W x 24”D 101 gallons 30”, 36”, 42” or 48” Wide 30”, 36” 42” or 48” Deep

Our ULTRA™ Model VS Series degreasers feature Vapor and Spray degreasing. These units are an excellent option for large parts that are odd sizes or simple geometries that need a fast cleaning. All of these units are heavy load and high production work horses that will efficiently support your production throughput needs.

Reliance ULTRA™ VS Vapor Spray degreasers provide:

  • Multiple Spray Options - from foot operated spray wands to spray manifolds for additional cleaning power.
  • Larger Spray Reserve Tanks - to ensure spray systems continually operating.
  • Field Maintenance Ease - Simple to change and replace key components, such as heating elements and no climbing under the tank to fix ultrasonic generators or flipping the degreaser over to evaluate.
  • Fast & Cost Effective - the ULTRA™ VS gets the dirt out fast, thus the cleaning process is enhanced significantly, reducing cycle time and increasing throughput.
  • Reliable Indicators - Solvent Low-Level Float Safety; Water Flow Safety; Vapor Up Safety Control Indicator; "Spray Ready" indicator light; zero coil "Defrost" indicator light.
  • Two Level Heat - "Hot Shot" Configuration for quick warm up.
  • Large Tank Access Clean-Out Door - allows sump access for maintenance though the clean-out door rather than over the tank's top.
  • High Volume Condensate Water Separator - system feeding spray reservoir.
  • Operator's Manual.
  • Freeboard Ratio: > 100%.
  • Reliance Warranty.