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Methylene Chloride Replacement

GenTech™ has proven to be a practical and effective replacement for methylene chloride in vapor degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning, cold immersion, wipe, carrier, deposition, and flush applications. Our AeroTron™ is used to replace methylene chloride in the textile industry to remove adhesives.

Health, Environmental, and Safety Benefits

The health, environmental, and safety benefits of replacing methylene chloride with GenTech™ include:

  • Not regulated under NESHAP
  • Not considered a carcinogen
  • Does not generate hazardous waste
  • Not regulated by the DOT
  • Is not an ozone depleting substance

Vapor Degreasing, Ultrasonic Immersion, Cold Cleaning

GenTech™ is a stabilized n-Propyl bromide formulation that is very effective for the replacement of methylene chloride in vapor degreasing, ultrasonic immersion, cold cleaning, and cold wipe applications. GenTech™ is a non-flammable, azeotropic mixture that sustains an extended bath life under extensive use in industrial applications.

Materials Compatibility and Cleaning Performance

In general, GenTech™ and methylene chloride are compatible with metals; however GenTech™ is more compatible with some of the white metals such as aluminum and titanium. If your company is degreasing white metals, GenTech™ will be a more compatible solvent for your application.

GenTech™ and methylene chloride can be aggressive on plastics and elastomers, and will affect these materials differently. See our Plastic Compatibility Chart to see if GenTech will work for your specific substrate.

GenTech™ is highly effective on a wide variety of typical industrial contaminants such as greases, oils, lubricants, coolants, waxes, flux residues, and other organic contaminants.

Switching to GenTech™

You will be required to adjust the temperature and safety settings of your vapor degreaser to the appropriate levels for operating at 160° F - the boiling point of GenTech™. You will also need to drain the methylene chloride from your cleaning system and clean out all remaining contamination. These procedures are typically all you will need to do to switch to GenTech™. Contact our technical support team for recommendations regarding your specific application.

Equipment Requirements for Operating GenTech™

GenTech™ is not subject to NESHAP regulations. Vapor degreasers and cold cleaning systems operating with GenTech™ do not need to be permitted under the NESHAP regulation and are not required to have the high level emission control features and operating procedures defined under NESHAP.

Methylene chloride is subject to NESHAP and therefore requires that any vapor degreaser or cold cleaning systems, where methylene chloride is the solvent in use, have one of several combinations of emission control devices such as:

  • Freeboard refrigerated device
  • Super heated vapor
  • Working mode covers
  • Automated part handling
  • Carbon absorber

If your current cleaning system is compliant with the NESHAP regulation it will be more than adequate for the safe and efficient operation of GenTech™.

Carrier and Deposition Applications

GenTech™-CB (carrier blend) can also be used to replace methylene chloride in carrier and deposition applications. GenTech™-CB is very useful in these types of applications because it is 100% volatile, leaves no residue, is fast evaporating, and has the same aggressive solvency as methylene chloride on organic materials.

Paint Stripping Applications

GenTech™ is not a good substitute for methylene chloride for the purpose of paint stripping. We have extensively tested, formulated, and had customer beta testing on GenTech for this application and have determined that the inherent characteristics of the base material are not satisfactory to achieve the typical requirements of this industry.

Adhesive Removal Applications

Our AeroTron™ blend is an excellent replacement for methylene chloride in textile applications to remove adhesives. AeroTron™ is 100% volatile, leaves no residue, will not discolor the textile, is fast evaporating, and has the same aggressive solvency as methylene chloride on adhesive.

To Learn More...

Please visit our page that further compares GenTech™ to methylene chloride and feel free to contact us if you have a technical question, require additional information, or you would like a free sample. We look forward to hearing from you.

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