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n-Propyl Bromide (nPB)
Vapor Degreasing Solvents

Reliance nPB vapor degreasing solvents are powerful, effective & economical cleaners specially formulated for vapor degreasing.

Reliance manufactures nPB vapor degreasing solvents for metal cleaning, fabricating and metal finishing along with a wide variety of optics, electronics and aerospace cleaning applications. Our solvents are designed for vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning to achieve economy, longevity and cleaning performance, especially in high-volume, high production vapor degreasing applications. When you need solvent - we have it, always in stock and ready to ship.

Economical & Effective - nPB Vapor Degreasing Solvents

We manufacture a large line of non-chlorinated nPB-based solvents, such as:

Learn more about regulatory changes to nPB.
EnTron™-Aero Boeing approved solvent
EnTron™ precision cleaning solvent
GenTech™ metal finishing solvent
EnTron™-AE asphalt extraction solvent

Benefits of Our nPB Vapor Degreasing Solvents:

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Replace TCE and Use Your Existing NESHAP Compliant Degreaser

Our nPB-based solvents are very similar in physical characteristics to TCE, which makes it easy to switch-over from TCE to nPB in your vapor degreaser. Heat inputs, cooling capacity and operating features seldom need adjustment. Safety limit controls will need adjustment of the temperature set-points. Our expertise as the manufacturer of the ULTRA™ brand of vapor degreasers and having supported the switch-over from TCE to our nPB solvents on many, many occasions makes Reliance a valuable partner in successfully accomplishing the switch, while supporting your continued ability to vapor degrease. This can be done while successfully achieving your cleaning objectives consistent with the cleaning performance of TCE.

It doesn't matter what brand of vapor degreaser you are using in your process. There are no special requirements to having any of our vapor degreasing solvents perform to your exacting standards.

We Value Our Customers

At Reliance Specialty Products, we have a strong customer service department. We don't forget you once you buy our product. We support our customers throughout their cleaning process.

Excellent Technical Support

ULTRA™ vapor degreasers

A great benefit of working with Reliance Specialty Products is that we have a turn-key vapor degreasing solution for you. Because we have extensive vapor degreasing equipment knowledge, as a manufacturer of the ULTRA™ line and because we manufacture our own solvents, we understand a broad range of issues that can perplex even the most capable production team. Our Technical Support Team's training and experience in solvents, solvent equipment and industry specific critical vapor degreasing applications is a valuable resource.

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