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AeroTron™-100 degreasing solvent

Precision Vapor Degreasing Solvent  

AeroTron™-100 is a powerful, advanced fluorinated vapor degreasing solvent designed for precision cleaning in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries. The high solvency power, low surface tension and non-flammability make it an ideal ultrasonic vapor degreasing solvent.

AeroTron™-100 is specially formulated for metal, plastic and elastomer compatibility. It is a direct replacement for chlorinated solvents: TCE and PERC and nPB-based solvents. Contact us today at 847.640.8923 for more information or a free test sample.

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Advantages of AeroTron™-100:

  • No hydrolysis reaction — Does not require acid testing or boosting
  • Non-Flammable — has no flash point
  • Drop-In replacement for TCE, PERC and nPB
  • US-EPA SNAP approved (Significant New Alternative Policy)
  • Recyclable / Distillable

AeroTron™-100 Means Improved Health & Safety Profile - 150 ppm

Excellent for Vapor Degreasing & Ultrasonic Cleaning

before cleaning
Before Vapor Degreasing in AeroTron™-100 Precision Solvent
after cleaning
After Vapor Degreasing in AeroTron™-100 Precision Solvent

Ideal Drop-In Replacement for Chlorinated & Brominated Solvents:

Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene & n Propyl Bromide

AeroTron™-100 is a drop-in replacement for TCE, PERC, MC & nPB in precision vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning. The physical properties (no flash point, azeotropic, 116°F boiling point, solvency power, stability and easy distillation) and make AeroTron™-100 ideal for replacing harsher solvents.

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Excellent Regulatory Profile

AeroTron™-100 has an excellent regulatory profile with a high workplace exposure limit of 150 ppm.

AeroTron™-100 contains no HAPs and is not NESHAP regulated. It is not considered a hazardous material by the DOT, so can be shipped economically by common carrier. Also, spent AeroTron™-100 is not a hazardous waste, so disposal is simple and cost effective using our AeroTron™-100 Waste Disposal Program.

Physical Characteristics AeroTron™-100
Acceptable for Vapor Degreasing Yes
Non-Flammable Yes
Cleaning Performance Excellent
Boiling Point 116°F
Hydrolysis Reaction None
Evaporation Rate (n Butyl Acetate = 1) 9.0
Azeotropic Composition Yes
Distillable Yes
Kauri Butanol Value 97
Non-Volatile Residue < 10 ppm
Regulatory Profile AeroTron™-100
Hazardous Air Pollutant No
AGCIH Exposure Recommendation 150 ppm
NESHAP Regulated Not Regulated
Department of Transportation Not Regulated
RCRA Hazard Waste No
VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Yes

AeroTron™-100 is Cost-Effective

We recognize that the total cost of cleaning is more than just the cost of the solvent. That is why with AeroTron™-100 not only will you find a competitively priced product, but a full compliment of support personnel, and performance characteristics that enhance the cost-effectiveness of choosing AeroTron™-100:

Expert Technical Support With Every Drum

Best of all, with AeroTron™-100, the Reliance Technical Support Engineering Team is behind you. We are confident that our expertise in solvent chemistries, vapor degreasing equipment and regulatory compliance will allow us to provide the correct solution to solve any cleanliness, productivity or regulatory issues that you may have. Our technical personnel would be happy to assist you in your switch to AeroTron™-100. We provide turn-key, value-added technical support to help in your transition.

Our Comprehensive Transition Success Program Includes Two Key Phases:

Phase A - Validation Performance Testing:

  • Free test sample of AeroTron™-100
  • Free performance testing of sample parts
  • Full range of vapor degreasing & ultrasonic capability in the Reliance Vapor Degreaser Test Cleaning Labs for large and small parts

Phase B - Switch-Over & Continuing Production Services:

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