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Alternative for Solstice® Solvents:

AeroTron™-100 is an advanced vapor degreasing solvent that does not contain the Solstice® Fluorinated molecules. AeroTron's high solvency power, low surface tension and non-flammability make it an ideal ultrasonic vapor degreasing solvent to replace Solstice® 72DE, 72DA, and 73DE.

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AeroTron™-100 is a direct replacement for Solstice® solvents. AeroTron™-100 is always in stock and ready to ship. Contact us today at 847.640.8923 for more information or a free test sample.

Solstice® alternative

Ideal Drop-In Replacement for Solstice® Solvents

Advantages of AeroTron™-100

AeroTron™-100 is a Cost-Effective Alternative

Solstice® solvents are expensive. AeroTron™-100 is a cost-effective alternative that will reduce the total cost of cleaning. As a customer of AeroTron™-100 not only will you find a competitively priced product, but a full complement of support personnel, and performance characteristics that enhance the cost-effectiveness of choosing AeroTron™-100:

Getting Started with AeroTron™-100 Is Easy!

With these Performance Validation Options:

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Complimentary test cleaning of your sample parts in our lab. We return your parts with a report and reference videos.
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A comprehensive technical discussion with your team to provide the information you need to make productive decisions.
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Request a complimentary sample of AeroTron™-100 for testing at your facility.
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Reliance manufactures a comprehensive vapor degreasing offering: The ULTRA™ state-of-the-art vapor degreaser system and AeroTron™-100 Solvents.


Use With Your Existing Vapor Degreasing Equipment

Excellent Technical Support for Seamless Transition

ULTRA™ vapor degreasers

Reliance Specialty Products is the world-class leading manufacturer of both vapor degreasing equipment and vapor degreasing solvents. At Reliance, we take a comprehensive, systemic approach to solvent parts cleaning. Our vapor degreasing equipment manufacturing expertise combined with our years of working with a variety of solvent cleaning options make us able to support our customers in a variety of practical ways. We are here to help you easily switch over to AeroTron™-100 and support your transition into an effective solvent that is better for your company, your people and the environment.

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