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AeroTron™-100 Vapor Degreasing Solvent is a Direct TCE Replacement

AeroTron™-100 cleans as effectively as TCE.

AeroTron™-100 is a high performance parts cleaning solvent that is an environmentally sound, direct TCE replacement solvent with an excellent Health & Safety profile. AeroTron™-100 is a non-flammable, affordable, fluorinated vapor degreasing solvent that is ideal for replacing Trichloroethylene with no boosting or bath testing required.

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Excellent Health & Safety Profile as Compared to TCE

AeroTron™-100 Vapor Degreasing Solvent Benefits are Significant:

  • EQUIVALENT CLEANING POWER - works as well or better than TCE
  • EXCELLENT H&S PROFILE - 150 ppm vs 10 ppm (exposure) for TCE
  • HIGH QUALITY - designed and manufactured to exacting standards.
  • SIMPLE TO USE in your current vapor degreasing equipment - there is no change over costs or worker retraining.
  • DOES NOT REQUIRE BOOSTING - unlike TCE that can go acidic.
  • NOT AFFECTED BY WATER - unlike TCE that can is impacted by humidity and water on parts.
  • EXCELLENT SOIL LOADING - extended bath life and stability.
  • FAST EVAPORATING - eliminating drying time.
  • NOT REGULATED UNDER NESHAP - eliminating regulatory reporting and permitting required with TCE.
  • DOES NOT GENERATE HAZARDOUS WASTE - waste disposal is simplified.
  • Is not regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) - SHIPS COMMON CARRIER - reducing transportation costs.
  • HAS NO FLASH POINT - eliminating flammability concerns.
  • Is not an ozone depleting substance and CONTAINS NO HAPs (hazardous Air Pollutants) - enhancing the environmental profile of your operation.
  • RoHS COMPLIANT - does not contain lead, chromium or other restricted substances.
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ON ORGANIC CONTAMINANTS such as oils, greases, lubricants, coolants, drawing fluids, adhesives, waxes, fluxes and flux residue.
  • Quantities that meet your needs: 1, 5, 30 and 55 gallon drums.
  • ALWAYS IN STOCK - ensuring continued ease of operations.

AeroTron™-100 Means Improved Health & Safety Profile - 150 PPM

Getting Started with AeroTron™-100 Is Easy!

With these Performance Validation Options:

  1. Complimentary Test Cleaning of Sample Parts By Vapor Degreasing
    Reliance has a complete test cleaning and vapor degreasing lab outfitted with our ULTRA™ Model Vapor Degreasing Systems which include ultrasonic, immersion, vapor rinse, spray, automated basket handing, rotation and multi-dip cleaning process capabilities. We will clean your sample parts in our Part Cleaning Lab in our AeroTron™-100 solvent and return your sample parts to you for your performance evaluation along with an AeroTron™-100 Part Cleaning Report and a reference video of the cleaning.
  2. Complimentary Sample of AeroTron™-100
    Reliance is pleased to provide you with a sample of AeroTron™-100 for comparative testing at your facility.
  3. Come to Reliance and Visit
    Together, we can clean your parts in an ULTRA™ Vapor Degreaser filled with AeroTron™-100 and discuss your application, assess process steps, determine optimal processing time frames and validate the advantages and performance of AeroTron™-100 in person.
AeroTron<sup>®</sup>-100 vapor degreasing solvent performance
Reliance Specialty Products

Reliance manufactures a comprehensive vapor degreasing offering: The ULTRA™ state-of-the-art vapor degreaser system and AeroTron™-100 Solvents.

Easy Change Over From TCE to AeroTron™-100

Easy Change Over From TCE to AeroTron™-100

  1. DRAIN: the vapor degreaser sumps (using solvent transfer pump), spray reserve tank, water separator and filtration tank of old solvent
  2. SET: the temperature control settings for 116° F (47° C)
  3. FILL: the boil sump and immersion sump with AeroTron™-100
Performance Properties AeroTron™-100 TCE
Boiling Point 116° F / 47° C 188° F / 87° C
Flash Point, by ASTM D93-TCC None None
Evaporation Rate Quickly & Completely Quickly
Azeotropic Composition Yes Yes
Broad Metal Compatibility Yes Yes
Hydrolysis Highly Stable Not stable-requires stabilizers
Distillable Yes Yes
Kauri Butanol Value 93 128
Non-Volatile Residue < 10 ppm < 10 ppm
Odor Very Mild Strong

Works Like TCE Without the Detrimental H&S Impacts

AeroTron<sup>®</sup>-100 vapor degreasing solvent containers
Sizes to meet your needs: 16oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 30 gallon and 55 gallon drum

Excellent Technical Support For Seamless Transition

ULTRA™ vapor degreasing equipment

Reliance Specialty Products is the world-class leading manufacturer of both vapor degreasing equipment and vapor degreasing solvents. At Reliance, we take a comprehensive, systemic approach to solvent parts cleaning. Our vapor degreasing equipment manufacturing expertise combined with our years of working with a variety of solvent cleaning options make us able to support our customers in a variety of practical ways. We are here to help you easily switch over to AeroTron™-100 and support your transition into an effective solvent that is better for your company, your people and the environment.

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