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Metal Cleaning Solvent for Vapor Degreasing

GenTech™ is the quality leader in nPB solvent options for metal cleaning, metal fabricating and metal finishing. GenTech™ is designed for vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning to achieve economy, longevity and cleaning performance, especially in high-volume, high production vapor degreasing applications. When you need a workhorse - GenTech™ is there....always in stock and ready to ship.

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GenTech™ Solvent
GenTech™ degreasing solvent

Benefits of GenTech™ Metal Cleaning Solvent:

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Before Vapor Degreasing
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After Vapor Degreasing
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Metal Cleaning Solvent for Vapor Degreasing

GenTech™ is the quality leader in TCE replacement in terms of similarity of physical characteristics, temperature of operation, cleaning effectiveness and ease of switch over with your existing TCE Vapor Degreasing Equipment. From a regulatory standpoint and price standpoint, GenTech™ is very similar to TCE. For a more favorable health and safety standpoint, please see our AeroTron™ Next Generation product line that offers a favorable regulatory and health and safety profile.

GenTech™ Advantage:
Security of Supply With GenTech™

Recent Problems With the Available Supply of TCE

TCE is in short supply. The amount of domestic TCE manufactured is being reduced in response to TSCA 6(A) and the foreign supply is inconsistent in availability as well as in quality and bath stability.

At Reliance, we understand the importance of availability of vapor degreasing solvents to support your manufacturing operations. That is why GenTech™ is manufactured in the USA by Reliance. Reliance maintains a large inventory of GenTech™ to support our customer's manufacturing operations.

GenTech™ Advantage:
Manufacturer's Support

Reliance has manufactured GenTech™ for 18 years and is fully technically staffed and adept in the support of the GenTech solvent and its use in specific cleaning applications. In addition to the manufacturer of precision solvents, Reliance is the manufacturer of the ULTRA™ Brand of vapor degreasers, so our support extends to both our GenTech™ solvent as well as your success in its use in your vapor degreaser.

GenTech™ Advantage:
Quality and Bath Stability

GenTech™ is manufactured by Reliance with quality raw materials. GenTech™ is our high production "workhorse" formulation and is double stabilized in comparison to commodity TCE. GenTech™ Testing Kits come with your use of GenTech™ and we have an in-house lab department for further support of your use of GenTech™ should the need arise.

GenTech™ Advantage:
Use Your Existing NESHAP Compliant TCE Degreaser

GenTech™ is very similar in its physical characteristics to TCE for purposes of switch-over of your vapor degreaser. Heat inputs, cooling capacity and operating features seldom need adjustment. Safety limit controls will need adjustment of the temperature set-points. Our expertise as the manufacturer of the ULTRA™ brand of vapor degreasers and having undertaken the support of the switch-over from TCE to GenTech™ on many, many occasions makes Reliance a valuable partner in successfully accomplishing the switch-over, supporting your continued use of GenTech™ and successfully achieving your cleaning objectives consistent with your cleaning performance with TCE.

Regulatory Similarity - TCE and GenTech™

TCE and GenTech™ are now fairly "unfavorably" similar in their regulatory profile. For a favorable vapor degreasing alternative, please see our AeroTron™ Product Line.

Regulatory Profile GENTECH™ TCE
HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant) Yes
(USEPA Notice 1-5-2002)
NESHAP Regulations for HAP Are Implemented PENDING
USEPA has not yet published use or reporting rules
VOC Content
(Volatile Organic Compounds)
100% 100%
DOT Shipping Classification CURRENTY NOT REGULATED
(Likely to be regulated as hazardous for shipment at some time in future on basis of NESHAP inclusion)
(USEPA Risk Management Evaluation is in progress)
(USEPA Risk Management Evaluation is in progress)

Physical and Performance Properties

The physical and performance qualities of TCE and GenTech™ are very similar making it an easy switch-over if you are having quality or supply issues with your TCE.

Performance Properties GENTECH™ TCE
Boil Point 160° F / 71° C
(USEPA Notice 1-5-2002)
180° F / 82° C
Flammability No Flash Point No Flash Point
Suitability for Vapor Degreasing Yes Yes
Distillable Yes Yes
Stability in Presence of Water Double Stabilized Compared to Commodity TCE for Extended Bath Life Stabilized
Effects on Metal Safe on Metals Safe on Metals
Cleaning Performance Excellent on organic contaminates, including greases, oils, waxes and fluxes Excellent on organic contaminates, including greases, oils, waxes and fluxes
KB Value 130 130
Soil Loading Typically 40 wt.% Typically 40 wt.%
Specific Gravity 1.33 1.46
Drum Fill Volume - 55 gallon drum 52 gallons 52 gallons
Available Containers 1, 5 30, 55 gallon, bulk 55 gallon, bulk

Expert Technical Support With Every Drum

ULTRA™ vapor degreasers

Reliance Specialty Products is the world-class leading manufacturer of both vapor degreasing equipment and vapor degreasing solvents. At Reliance, we take a comprehensive, systemic approach to solvent parts cleaning. Our vapor degreasing equipment manufacturing expertise combined with our years of working with a variety of solvent cleaning options make us able to support our customers in a variety of practical ways. We are here to help you easily switch over to GenTech™ and support your transition into an effective solvent that is better for your company, your people and the environment.

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