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EnTron-Aero™ degreasing solvent

EnTron-Aero™ Excellent for Non-Destructive Test (NDT) Pre-Cleaning and Post-Cleaning

Use EnTron-Aero™ for pre-cleaning of Non-Destructive Test (NDT) parts and to remove Liquid Fluorescent Penetrant once testing is complete.

Use EnTron-Aero™ for Pre-Cleaning

EnTron-Aero™ is a powerful, safe, non-flammable advanced nPB based solvent which effectively removes contaminants prior to applying liquid fluorescent penetrant used in Non-Destructive Testing.

  • EnTron-Aero™ has been approved under Boeing Specification BAC5408 for vapor degreasing.
  • Use EnTron-Aero™ in vapor degreasing or as a cold wipe cleaner to remove grease, oil, and wax coatings.
  • EnTron-Aero™ is specially formulated for metal, plastic and elastomer compatibility in aerospace cleaning.
  • EnTron-Aero™ can be used to clean titanium.
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EnTron-Aero™ Removes Zyglo® and Other NDT Fluorescent Penetrants

Over the years, we have learned a great deal about using solvents and vapor degreasing to prepare parts for NDT testing and to remove non-destructive fluorescent penetrants like Zyglo®. The benefit of using EnTron-Aero™ and vapor degreasing for pre-cleaning is that the parts are completely cleaned of all contaminants and come out completely dry ready to apply the penetrant. Once Zyglo® testing is complete, the manufactured parts need to be cleaned of all the fluorescent markings. Many aerospace manufacturers already have vapor degreasers as part of their manufacturing process which can be used for pre- and post-NDT processing.

EnTron-Aero™ can be used effectively to clean the Zyglo®, other fluorescent penetrants, and other contaminants (such as machining oils) from the parts prior to the next phase of manufacturing. Parts cleaned in EnTron-Aero™ leave the degreaser free of contaminants, dry and ready to be used without additional cleaning processes.

Advantages of EnTron-Aero™:

  • Approved by Boeing to spec BAC-5408
  • Approved for use on titanium and non-porous materials
  • Non-Flammable (has no flash point)
  • Non-Chlorinated (replaces TCE and PERC)
  • US-EPA SNAP approved (Significant New Alternative Policy)
  • Can be used as a cold wipe remover
  • Approved to ASTM-D-6368
  • Recyclable & distillable
  • Non-Hazardous
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Clean Contaminants from Blind Holes and Complex Parts

EnTron-Aero™'s low surface tension, high evaporation rate and powerful solvency make it ideal for removing fluorescent penetrants and other contaminants from parts with blind holes and complex geometries.

Removal of Fluorescent Penetrants with EnTron-Aero™ Is Fast and Effective for NDT

Fluorescent penetrant testing is a versatile process for detecting defects open to the surface in non-porous materials. Zyglo® is used as the term of art for testing critical components for defects in the aerospace, automotive and ceramic industries. Zyglo® is also a manufactured fluorescent liquid penetrant. Defects open to the surface are highly visible when Zyglo® is viewed under ultraviolet (A) light.

Pre-Clean with EnTron-Aero™

Prior to coating the test part in the fluorescent liquid, the part needs to be free of all contaminants. This is an excellent time to vapor degrease the part in EnTron-Aero™ in preparation for NDT.

Post-Clean with EnTron-Aero™

After test analysis is complete, the Zyglo™ and/or other liquid penetrant fluorescent needs to be removed/rinsed from the part. It is in this stage of the test process that EnTron-Aero™ becomes valuable. EnTron-Aero™ in your vapor degreaser can effectively remove the Zyglo®.

EnTron-Aero™ is Specially Formulated for Aerospace Cleaning Applications

EnTron-Aero™ is a technologically advanced nPB solvent formulation which produces consistent, stable results in vapor cleaning and degreasing applications, which is why it has been approved for use under Boeing Aircraft Company BAC5408. EnTron-Aero™ has passed extensive test validation by the premier aerospace manufacturer to ensure EnTron-Aero™ produces the level of cleaning required for aerospace parts.

Approved for Use on Titanium

EnTron-Aero™ is approved for use on titanium and is formulated to be compatible with all metals and a broad range of elastomers and plastics.
See metal compatability chart and plastic compatibility chart.

Superior Cleaning Performance

EnTron-Aero™ is highly effective in cleaning organic contaminants such as oils, greases, lubricants, coolants, drawing fluids, adhesives, waxes, fluxes and flux residues.