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Krytox™ & Other Fluorinated Grease Remover

AeroTron™-LT is a powerful, advanced fluorinated solvent that effectively removes Krytox™ and other fluorinated lubricants and greases.

Fluorinated lubricants are used in many applications where resistance to aggressive chemicals is required. However, this makes fluorinated greases hard to remove or clean away—especially as a part of routine maintenance. AeroTron™-LT is specially formulated to remove fluorinated greases & lubricants including Krytox™ and Fluorolube™.

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AeroTron™-LT degreasing solvent

Advantages of AeroTron™-LT:

AeroTron™-LT Means Improved Health & Safety Profile - 150 ppm

Excellent for Vapor Degreasing & Ultrasonic Cleaning

Before cleaning with AeroTron™-LT vapor degreasing solvent
Before Vapor Degreasing In AeroTron™-LT
After cleaning with AeroTron™-LT vapor degreasing solvent
After Vapor Degreasing In AeroTron™-LT

Expert Technical Support With Every Drum

ULTRA™ vapor degreasers

Best of all, with AeroTron™-LT, the Reliance Technical Support Engineering Team is behind you. We are confident that our expertise in solvent chemistries, vapor degreasing equipment and regulatory compliance will allow us to provide the correct solution to solve any cleanliness, productivity or regulatory issues that you may have. Our technical personnel would be happy to assist you in your switch to AeroTron™-LT. We provide turn-key, value-added technical support to help in your transition.

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