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Aerospace Vapor Degreasing Solvent

AeroTron™-AV is a powerful, advanced fluorinated vapor degreasing solvent that provides precision cleaning with the pedigree required for the aerospace industry. AeroTron™-AV is non-flammable and specially formulated for metal, plastic and elastomer compatibility in aerospace cleaning. It is a direct replacement for chlorinated solvents: TCE and PERC and nPB-based solvents. Contact us today for more information or a free test sample.

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Request solvent sample
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AeroTron™-AV degreasing solvent

Advantages of AeroTron™-AV:

Excellent for Vapor Degreasing & Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ideal Drop-In Replacement for Chlorinated & Brominated Solvents:

Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene & n Propyl Bromide

AeroTron™-AV is a drop-in replacement for TCE, PERC, MC & nPB in aerospace vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning. The physical properties (no flash point, azeotropic, 116°F boiling point, solvency power, stability and easy distillation) make AeroTron™-AV ideal for replacing harsher solvents.

AeroTron<sup>®</sup>-100 vapor degreasing solvent performance

AeroTron™-AV is Cost Effective

We recognize that the total cost of cleaning is more than just the cost of the solvent. That is why with AeroTron™-AV not only will you find a competitively priced product, but a full compliment of support personnel, and performance characteristics that enhance the cost effectiveness of choosing AeroTron™-AV:

Technical/Physical Properties AeroTron™-AV
Specific Gravity, 25/25°C 1.28
Specific Heat, 25°C, cal/g 0.26
Latent Heat, cal/g 67
Viscosity, 25°C, cps 0.48
Vapor Pressure, atm 0.53
Vapor Density (Air =1) 5.2
Water Solubility (g/AV ml) 0.15
Surface Tension (dyn/cm) 19.5
Flammability Limits LEL/UEL 7% - 14.0%
AeroTron containers
Performance Properties AeroTron™-AV
Boiling Point 116° F / 47° C
Flash Point, by ASTM D93-TCC None
Evaporation Rate Quickly & Completely
Azeotropic Composition for Vapor Degreasing Yes
Broad Metal Compatibility Yes
Hydrolysis Highly Stable
Distillable Yes
Kauri Butanol Value 97
Non-Volatile Residue < 10 ppm
Water Content, max 50 ppm
Odor Mild Ether
Environmental, Regulatory & Health Profile AeroTron™-AV
US-EPA SNAP Program Approved for Solvent Cleaning
Global Warming Potential (GWP) All components deemed acceptable by US-EPA SNAP Program—No phase out pending
Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) 0
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) > 75%
NESHAP—Halogenated Solvent Cleaning Regulations Not Regulated
Transportation Not regulated for transportation in 1, 5, 30 & 55 gallon containers
IARC Cancer Classification None – Not Listed
Manufacturer’s Overall Workplace Exposure Guideline 150 ppm—8 hour TWA; 300 ppm—15 minute ceiling (see SDS for further details)

Getting Started with AeroTron™-AV Is Easy!

With these Performance Validation Options:

Request sample part cleaning
Complimentary test cleaning of your sample parts in our lab. We return your parts with a report and reference videos.
Request tech consultation
A comprehensive technical discussion with your team to provide the information you need to make productive decisions.
Request solvent sample
Request a complimentary sample of AeroTron™-AV for testing at your facility.

Expert Technical Support With Every Drum

ULTRA™ vapor degreasers

Best of all, with AeroTron™-AV, the Reliance Technical Support Engineering Team is behind you. We are confident that our expertise in solvent chemistries, vapor degreasing equipment and regulatory compliance will allow us to provide the correct solution to solve any cleanliness, productivity or regulatory issues that you may have. Our technical personnel would be happy to assist you in your switch to AeroTron™-AV. We provide turn-key, value-added technical support to help in your transition.

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