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Aerospace Conformance Testing Data

Aerospace Conformance Tests - AeroTron™-AV

  1. ADS-61A-PRF - Performance Specification for Army Aircraft Cleaners - Aqueous and Solvent
  2. ARP-1755B - Effect of Cleaning Agents on Aircraft Engine Materials
  3. PWA 36604 - Hot Corrosion Testing
  4. PWA 36604 - Stress Corrosion Testing (ASTM F-945)
  5. BSS7432 - Evaluation of Airplane Maintenance Materials includes:
    • Sandwich Corrosion
    • Paint Softening
    • Hydrogen Embrittlement
    • Stress Corrosion Cracking
AeroTron™-AV degreasing solvent

Aerospace Conformance Testing

AeroTron™-AV comes with the pedigree aerospace manufacturers can trust.

Airplane Maintenance Material Testing
Boeing Specification Support BSS 7432
Test Result
Sandwich Corrosion Test Conforms
Paint Softening Test Conforms
Hydrogen Embrittlement Test Conforms
Stress Corrosion Cracking Conforms
Stress Corrosion Testing
ASTM F-945 (Method A)
Metal Outcome Test Result
AMS 4911 Titanium No Evidence of Cracking Conforms
AMS 4916 Titanium No Evidence of Cracking Conforms
AeroTron™-AV Technical Brochure

ARP1755 STOCK LOSS TESTING - Effect of Cleaning Agents on Aircraft Engine

Uncoated Panels Test Result
AMS 4037 Aluminum Conforms
AMS 4640 Aluminum Bronze Conforms
AMS 5582 Colbalt Conforms
AMS 5537 Colbalt Conforms
AMS 4507 Copper Conforms
IMI - 685 Conforms
AMS 4375 Magnesium Conforms
AMS 4424 (AZ 92) Magnesium Conforms
AMS 4442 Magnesium Conforms
Mar-M -002 Conforms
AMS 5536 Nickel Conforms
AMS 5544 Nickel Conforms
AMS 5596 Nickel Conforms
AMS 5661 Nickel Conforms
AMS 5040 Steel Conforms
AMS 5504 Steel - Corrosion Resistant Conforms
AMS 5508 Steel - Corrosion Resistant Conforms
Electroplated Panels Test Result
AMS 4037/AMS 2437 Anodic Treatment Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2400 Cadmium Plating Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2406 Chromium Plating Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2410 Silver Plating Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2416 Ni-Cad Plating Conforms
AMS 5504 / AMS 2418 Copper Plating Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2424 Nickel Plating Conforms
Plasma Coated Panels Test Result
AMS 4911/AMS 2437-3 Conforms
AMS 5504 /AMS 2437-2 Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2437-3 Conforms
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