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AeroTron™ for Aerospace

Our aerospace customers use AeroTron™ because cleaning to exacting standards is paramount to quality. AeroTron™ is a powerful, safe alternative to nPB (n Propyl Bromide), TCE (Trichloroethylene) and PERC (Perchloroethylene) for aerospace vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning. The physical properties (no flash point, azeotropic, 109°F boiling point, solvency power, stability and easily distilled) and favorable regulatory profile make AeroTron ideal for replacing chlorinated solvents.

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Excellent Physical Properties:

Summary of Aircraft Engine Testing Data

Hot Corrosion Testing

PWA 36603 Appendix A
Alloy Temperature Test Result
AMS 5544 (Waspaloy) 1600° F Conforms
AMS 5536 (Hastalloy X) 1600° F Conforms
AMS 5608 (Haynes 188) 1600° F Conforms
AMS 5508 (Greek Ascoloy) 1050° F Conforms
AMS 6359 (4340 Steel) 750° F Conforms
AMS 4037 (2024-T3 Aluminum) 600° F Conforms
AMS 4375 (Magnesium) 600° F Conforms

Stress Corrosion Testing

ASTM F-945 (Method A)
Metal Outcome Test Result
AMS 4911
No Evidence of Cracking Conforms
AMS 4916
No Evidence of Cracking Conforms

ARP1755B Effect of Cleaning Agents on Aircraft Engine Materials Stock Loss Method

Uncoated Panels Test Result
AMS 4037 Aluminum Conforms
AMS 4640 Aluminum Bronze Conforms
AMS 5582 Cobalt Conforms
AMS 5537 Cobalt Conforms
AMS 4507 Copper Conforms
IMI - 685 Conforms
AMS 4375 Magnesium Conforms
AMS 4424 (AZ 92) Magnesium Conforms
AMS 4442 Magnesium Conforms
MAR-M -002 Conforms
AMS 5536 Nickel Conforms
AMS 5544 Nickel Conforms
AMS 5596 Nickel Conforms
AMS 5661 Nickel Conforms
AMS 5040 Steel Conforms
AMS 5504 Steel - Corrosion Resistant Conforms
AMS 5508 Steel - Corrosion Resistant Conforms
AMS 5524 Steel - Corrosion Resistant Conforms
AMS 5525 Steel - Corrosion Resistant Conforms
AMS 6431 Steel Conforms
AMS 4911 Titanium Conforms
Electroplated Panels Test Result
AMS 4037/AMS 2437 Anodic Treatment Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2400 Cadmium Plating Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2406 Chromium Plating Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2410 Silver Plating Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2416 Ni-Cad Plating Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2418 Copper Plating Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2424 Nickel Plating Conforms
Plasma Coated Panels Test Result
AMS 4911/AMS 2437-3 Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2437-2 Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2437-3 Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2437-5 Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2437-6 Conforms
AMS 5504/AMS 2437-7 Conforms
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