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Reliance Specialty Products
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ULTRA™ vapor degreasing equipment

Model VS-4 LE

Reliance ULTRA™ VS-4 LE Vapor Degreaser
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  • Easy Maintenance
  • Spray Wand for Additional Cleaning
  • Excellent Solvent Containment & Low Emission NESHAP Compliant
  • Reduced Solvent & Operating Costs
  • Compatible with Variety of Solvents
  • Customizable vapor zone depths & widths
  • 120% Freeboard
Turn-Key vapor degreasing systems

Vapor & Spray System

 Model VS-4 LE

ULTRA™ VS-4 vapor degreaser side view
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE Side View
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE vapor degreaser with drum
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE With Drum
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE with top open
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE With Top Open
Vapor degreaser digital safety limit controls
Digital Safety Limit Controls
Vapor degreaser control panel
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE - Control Panel
ULTRA™ VS-4 vapor degreaser filtration with gauge
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE - Filtration with Gauge
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE has excellent solvent containment
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE Excellent Solvent Containment
Vapor degreaser protective crash guards
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE Protective Crash Guards
Vapor degreaser large clean out door
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE Large Clean Out Door
Vapor degreaser with distillation system
ULTRA™ VS-4 LE with Distillation System
Vapor degreaser with power pump out
Power Pump Out
AeroTron™ vapor degreasing solvent
AeroTron™ Vapor degreasing Solvent

Vapor Cleaning Zone 48"L x 24"W x 30" Deep
Optional Vapor Zone Widths 30”, 36”, 42”, or 48” Wide
Optional Vapor Zone Depths 30”, 36”, 42”, or 48” Deep
Footprint Dimensions 74"L x 74"W x 72" High(24W-30D)
Vapor Cleaning Vapor Cleaning Zone above Boil Tank
Spray Cleaning Hand Spray Wand and Large Spray Reserve Tank
Filtration of Immersion Tank Continuous Filtration
Boil Tank Access Door Large Access Door System
Spray Wand Yes; Optional Spray Manifolds
NESHAP Compliant Features Yes
Primary Condensing Coil (External Chilled) Stainless Steel
Low-Temp Freeboard Condensation Coil Refrigerated Finned Stainless Steel operating at -10F to -20F
Freeboard Ratio > 100%
Watlow Solvent Safety and Temperature Controls HTC, LTC, SVC, VU, RT and Low-Level Float
Monitoring of the Vapor Degreaser’s Correct Operating Condition Comprehensive Indicator Light System and Temperature Displays
Solvent Operating Requirement 55 Gallons
Typical Electrical Service 480V, 240V or 208V / 3 Phase

ULTRA™ VS-4 LE Low Emission Features

  • NESHAP Compliant - Low-Emission Vapor Degreasing System
  • Solid Stainless Steel Construction - 1/8” Heavy Gauge 304 Stainless Steel used on tank, water separator, spray reserve tank, primary coil, low-temperature coil, lid system, tank access doors and tank fittings.
  • Stainless Steel Primary Condensing Coil - Requires chiller or facility chilled water.
  • Sub-Zero Temperature Condensing Coil - Finned stainless steel condensation coil with Copeland R404A refrigeration operating to approximately -20F thus broadening the height of the solvent flash-off dwell zone for enhanced solvent containment.
  • Hand-Operated Spray Lance System - Mag-drive pump with distillate spray reservoir with Vapor Up Safety Control which requires presence of vapor to permit operation of spray wand.
  • High Volume Condensate Water Separator - feeding spray reservoir
  • Digital Display Safety Control Panel with WATLOW Temperature Limit Controls Digital display on Control Panel; temperature set point as well as actual temperature – SVC (Safety Vapor Control), HTC (High Temperature Control), LTC (Liquid Temperature Control) and RT (Refrigeration Temperature Control)
  • Low-Level Float Safety System - Ensures the minimum amount of solvent in boil sump for proper system operation.
  • Water Flow Safety Control & Water Flow Temperature Control - ensures proper interaction between chiller and vapor degreaser.
  • Comprehensive Indicator Light System on Control Panel - Includes solvent low level float fault indicator lights (for easy identification of operating fault conditions). “Spray Ready” indicator light and zero coil “Defrost” indicator light, illuminated on/off switches for easy identification of system condition “Heat”, “Filtration”, Main Power”, “Refrigeration” and “Low-Temp Refrigeration”.
  • Horizontal Slide Lid - optional two-part lid with sections that meet at the middle of the tank sliding to the left and sliding to the right. Optional power roll-top available.
  • Two-Level Heat - for expedited start up and additional vapor condensation.
  • Electric Immersion Heat - Elements are mounted on Clean-Out Door for easy removal and maintenance.
  • One (1) stainless steel workbasket
  • Comprehensive 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • ULTRA™ VS-4 LE Operator’s Manual
Vapor degreaser control safety panel
Simple Control Safety Panel
Vapor degreaser hand operated spray lance system
Hand Operated Spray Lance System
Vapor degreaser sub-zero coils
Sub-Zero Coils running standard refrigerant
Vapor degreaser heating elements
Heating Elements Mounted in Clean–Out Door

ULTRA™ VS-4 LE Benefits

  • Simple engineering and stoutness of design for durability and ease-of-maintenance
  • Excellent training - start-up, shut down, maintenance and good solvent cleaning work practices
  • Easy to support in the field with accessible heating elements, clear temperature read-outs, sophisticated indicator light system, and updated refrigeration systems using standard refrigerant
  • Cost effective operation and maintenance
  • Compact footprint
  • Effective with a variety of non-flammable solvents, including chlorinated, brominated & fluorinated
  • State-of-the-art engineering based on a best practices for simplicity, field supportability and reliability
  • Minimal Solvent Emissions & Reduced Operating Costs due to NESHAP Compliant coils

ULTRA™ VS-4 LE Options

  • Electric horizontal slide lid
  • Increased width or depth increases vapor zone
  • Spray Manifolds
  • Power Pump-Out of Boil and/or Immersion Chamber for easy removal of solvent
  • Stainless Steel Basket Crash Guards
  • Solvent Containment Spill Tray
  • Boil Sump Filtration
  • Boil Chamber Grate to suspend part basket above boiling solvent
  • Upgraded Filtration System for high volume of contaminate
  • Additional baskets
  • Choice of vapor degreasing solvent including EnTron™, EnTron-Aero™, GenTech™ & AeroTron™

ULTRA™ VS-4 LE: Compatible with Non-Flammable Solvents

  • Simple Change over - The ULTRA™ VS-4 LE is engineered to be compatible with a variety of solvents and in most cases a simple clean out and change of temperature settings is all that is required.
  • 120% Freeboard — helps with vapor containment - so using chlorinated solvents like TCE, TCA, MCL and PERC is still possible.
  • Sub-Zero refrigeration coil - in addition to the primary refrigeration system, makes using brominated solvents like GenTech™, EnTron™ & EnTron-Aero™ or fluorinated solvents such as AeroTron™ an economical alternative.
  • Manual or Automated Slide-Lid - provides additional solvent containment for the new generation of fluorinated solvents like AeroTron™ and helps reduce evaporation.

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