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 Sub-Zero Retrofit Module

ULTRA™ Top of Sub-Zero Unit with roll top cover
Top of Sub-Zero Unit with Roll Top Cover
Ultra™ Self Contained Module has its own control panel
Self Contained Module Has Its Own Control Panel
ULTRA™ The Built-To-Match Sub-Zero Module
The Built-To-Match Sub-Zero Module Bolts to Top of Current Vapor Degreaser
ULTRA™ Sub-Zero Module Finned Stainless Steel Refrigeration Coils
Finned Stainless Steel Refrigeration Coils with Timed Programmable Defrost
ULTRA™ Sub-Zero Module contains its own refrigeration system
Sub-Zero Module Contains Its Own Refrigeration System
ULTRA™ Sub-Zero Module sits on top of your current vapor degreaser
Entire Module Sits on Top of Current Vapor Degreaser
ULTRA™ Sub-Zero Module
ULTRA™ Sub-Zero Module
ULTRA™ Sub-Zero Module
ULTRA™ Sub-Zero Module
ULTRA™ Sub-Zero Module
ULTRA™ vapor degreasing equipment

The Big Benefits of the Sub-Zero Retrofit Module:

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ULTRA™ Sub-Zero Benefits

Specifically Engineered to Your System

The Sub-Zero Retrofit would be specifically engineered to your system based on our visit to your site, but in general it would be similar to the photos with a split door, two sets of alternating condensation sub-zero coils, installed sub-zero refrigeration, it's own electrical system and rigging points for installation.

Schedule Your Technical Discussion Today

We would be pleased to discuss the retrofit at your convenience. Let us know when would be good on your end. Give us a call at 847.640.8923 or contact us.

Considering Your Vapor Degreaser's
Suitability for Sub-Zero Retrofit

Reliance Specialty Products, Inc.
OEM Manufacturer of Vapor Degreasing Equipment and Vapor Degreasing Solvents

Reliance Specialty Products, Inc. is known throughout the industry as vapor degreasing experts because we manufacture both the ULTRA™ vapor degreasing equipment line and AeroTron™ vapor degreasing solvents which are drop-in TCE & nPB replacement solvents.

ULTRA™ Vapor Degreaser FEATURES:

  • Minimize worker solvent exposure
  • Enhance solvent containment
  • Provide state of the art control systems
  • Allow easy field maintenance
  • Automate basket handling for consistent parts processing
  • Adapt for use of non-flammable solvents
ULTRA and AeroTron vapor degreaser
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