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DS-60-W Distillation System

ULTRA™ vapor degreasing distillation system
  • Automated Continuous Operation with ULTRA™ Vapor Degreasers
  • Reduced Solvent Costs
  • Increased Solvent Usage
  • Elevated for easy solvent transfer to vapor degreaser or waste drum
  • Excellent Solvent Containment
  • Small Foot-Print
  • Compatible with Variety of Solvents
  • 120% Freeboard
vapor degreasing equipment indicator lights
Upgraded Control Panel Indicator Lights
vapor degreasing equipment water separator
Water Separator with Ball Valve Closure
vapor degreasing equipment smart wire control panel
Smart Wire" Control Panel
vapor degreasing equipment lift off lid
Lift Off Lid
vapor degreasing equipment with touch screen controller
Sleek Profile
vapor degreasing equipment with touch screen controller
Touch Screen Controller with 30 Programmable Recipes
front view of 60 gallon vapor degreasing distillation system
Front View of 60 Gallon Distillation System


Distillation Capacity 60 gallons per hour
Footprint Dimensions 40” Lx 40” W x 75” High
Typical Solvent Fill 60 gallons
NESHAP Compliant Features Yes
120% freeboard Yes
Light Weight Lift-Off Lid Yes
High Volume Water Separator Yes—with sub-cooling
Primary Refrigeration Copeland with Stainless Steel Coil
Float System for Automated Operation High & Low Level Float for Automatic Filling
Watlow Safety Limit Controls HTC -High Temp control
LTC-Liquid Temp Control
SVC-Safety Vapor Control
WTC - Water Temp Control
Overfill Safety Control Yes
Operator Lock-Out of Control Yes
Large Maintenance Clean Out Door Yes
Electric Immersion Heaters 24,000 Watts
Chiller Capacity 10 tons
Typical Electrical 240V, 208 or 460V/ 3 PH

ULTRA™ DS-60-W Distillation System

  • Automated Continuous Operation - Solvent Transfer Pump Activated by High and Low Level Float for Continuous Automatic Filling of the Vapor Degreaser.
  • Water Cooled Primary Condensation Coil and Water Separator - Distillation System can be serviced by facility chilled water, public water supply or a re-circulating chiller (minimum capacity—10 tons).
  • High Volume Water Separator with Sub-Cooling - High volume water separator with refrigerated sub-cooling. Sight-glass at discharge for viewing of solvent discharge flow and flow rate.
  • Float System for Automated Operation - High and Low Level Float System for automatic filling of Distillation System.
  • Low-Level Prevention - Low-level float and HTC Control to ensure sufficient minimum solvent level for optimum operation.
  • WATLOW Safety Limit Controls - Safety controls display both Set-point and actual temperature readings for each Safety Control providing efficient assessment of operating conditions in degreaser and easy diagnosis of safety failures.
  • Operator Lock-Out of Control Settings - Watlow Controls allow for operator lock-out of changing of control setting.
  • Elevated Tank - Elevated distillation tank provides ease of tank interior maintenance and facilitates discharge of distillate directly in to solvent storage drum for batch operations.
  • Large Tank Maintenance Clean-Out Door
  • Easy Heating Element Maintenance - Elements are connected to the clean-out door instead of mounted to the bottom of the tank. Power is easily disconnected via plug from electrical control box.
  • Comprehensive 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Operator’s Manual
vapor degreasing equipment safety panel
Simple Control Safety Panel
vapor degreasing equipment primary refrigeration coils
Primary Refrigeration Coils running standard R134A refrigerant
vapor degreasing equipment water separator
High volume water separator

ULTRA™ DS-60-W Benefits

  • Seamlessly Integrated Operation with all ULTRA™ Vapor Degreasing systems for continuous operation
  • Simple engineering and stoutness of design for durability and ease-of-maintenance
  • Excellent training including start-up, shut down, maintenance and good solvent cleaning work practices
  • Easy to support in the field with accessible heating elements, clear temperature read-outs, sophisticated indicator light system, and updated refrigeration systems using standard refrigerant
  • Cost effective operation and maintenance
  • Compact footprint
  • Effective with a variety of non-flammable solvents, including chlorinated, brominated & fluorinated
  • State-of-the-art engineering based on a best practices for simplicity, field supportability and reliability
  • Minimal Solvent Emissions & Reduced Operating Costs


  • Optional Upgrade to Self Priming Pump for Automated Continuous Operation
  • Optional Power Still Bottom Pump-out Feature
  • Optional Insulated Tank Walls with Stainless Steel Sheathing
  • Optional Distillation System Filtration
  • Optional Stainless Steel Spill Containment Tray
  • Choice of vapor degreasing solvent including EnTron, EnTron-Aero, GenTech & AeroTron

Benefits of Working with Reliance:
Manufacturer of Solvents & Equipment

  • Comprehensive Vapor Degreasing Solution Provider - Reliance is the only industry player that manufactures both vapor degreasing solvent and vapor degreasing equipment. Our vapor degreasing equipment manufacturing expertise combined with our years of working with a variety of solvent cleaning processes make us able to support our customers in a variety of practical ways.
  • Years of experience - A unique history of developing solvents and manufacturing vapor degreasing equipment for precision aerospace, electronics and optics customers.