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Distillation Systems


10 gallons per hour (GPH)

ULTRA DS-10 distillation system


ULTRA™ DS-20 & DS-30

20 or 30 gallons per hour (GPH)

ULTRA DS-20/DS-30 distillation system


ULTRA™ DS-60 & DS-90

60 or 90 gallons per hour (GPH)

ULTRA DS-60/DS-90 distillation system


Distillation System ULTRA DS-60
NESHAP Compliant Features Yes
120% freeboard Yes
Light Weight Lift-Off Lid Yes
High Volume Water Separator Yes
Primary Refrigeration Copeland with Stainless Steel Coil
Float System for Automated Operation High & Low Level Float for Automatic Filling
Watlow Safety Limit Controls HTC -High Temp control
LTC-Liquid Temp Control
SVC-Safety Vapor Control
WTC - Water Temp Control
Overfill Safety Control Yes
Operator Lock-Out of Control Yes
Large Maintenance Clean Out Door Yes
Construction 304 Stainless Steel
Reduced Solvent Costs Yes
Increased Solvent Usage Yes

ULTRA™ Distillation System Features

vapor degreasing equipment safety panel
Simple Control Safety Panel
vapor degreasing equipment primary refrigeration coils
Primary Refrigeration Coils
Running Standard R134A Refrigerant
vapor degreasing equipment water separator
High Volume Water Separator

ULTRA™ Distillation System Benefits


Reliance Specialty Products, Inc.
OEM Manufacturer of Vapor Degreasing Equipment and Vapor Degreasing Solvents

Reliance Specialty Products, Inc. is known throughout the industry as vapor degreasing experts because we manufacture both the ULTRA™ vapor degreasing equipment line and AeroTron™ vapor degreasing solvents which are drop-in TCE & nPB replacement solvents.

ULTRA™ Vapor Degreaser FEATURES:

  • Minimize worker solvent exposure
  • Enhance solvent containment
  • Provide state of the art control systems
  • Allow easy field maintenance
  • Automate basket handling for consistent parts processing
  • Adapt for use of non-flammable solvents
ULTRA and AeroTron vapor degreaser
Reliance Specialty Products
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