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Customizing Your Vapor Degreasing Equipment
To Match Your Needs

ULTRA™ Vapor Degreasers can be customized to meet your production throughput, maintenance and floor-plan needs.

 Units can be customized in length, depth or width.

The equipment division of Reliance manufactures our new ULTRA™ state-of-the-art vapor degreasers and our team of engineers can work with your team to ensure the ULTRA™ vapor degreaser meets your cleaning operation’s requirements.

 Refrigeration systems can be moved on the platform to change foot-print.

Our vapor degreasing engineers with expertise in refrigeration and vapor degreasing operations can rework our footprint to meet your floor-plan needs.

 Clean-out doors can be added or moved depending on your current operation.

The ULTRA™ is known for ease of maintenance and the clean out doors ensure your team can do routine maintenance. Our team has moved the doors to the side or front of the tank depending on the way you do business to facilitate minimal changes to your current operation.

 Other customization options:

  • Addition of casters or risers
  • Buck-boost to different voltages
  • Off-set of boil tank to increase immersion tank size
  • Increase heat input for large loads
  • Spray manifolds and spray under immersion
  • Engineered to fit in low ceiling height situations
  • Use of chiller for reduced footprint

These are just a few of the ways we work with you to ensure your vapor degreaser is optimized for through-put, floorplan layout and maintenance needs.

Give us a call at 847.640.8923 or contact us and let our engineers work with your team to optimized your vapor degreasing system.

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Reliance Specialty Products, Inc.
OEM Manufacturer of Vapor Degreasing Equipment and Vapor Degreasing Solvents

Reliance Specialty Products, Inc. is known throughout the industry as vapor degreasing experts because we manufacture both the ULTRA™ vapor degreasing equipment line and AeroTron™ vapor degreasing solvents which are drop-in TCE & nPB replacement solvents.

ULTRA™ Vapor Degreaser FEATURES:

  • Minimize worker solvent exposure
  • Enhance solvent containment
  • Provide state of the art control systems
  • Allow easy field maintenance
  • Automate basket handling for consistent parts processing
  • Adapt for use of non-flammable solvents
ULTRA and AeroTron vapor degreaser
Reliance Specialty Products
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