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Medical Device Cleaning

Cleaning medical devices and instruments requires precision removal of contaminants such as machining oils, greases and other production contaminants from metal-machined parts and additive manufactured parts. Vapor degreasing is a powerful and effective way to clean implant devices such as screws, plates, and joints as well as surgical instruments.

Reliance manufactures comprehensive medical device cleaning solutions that include AeroTron™-AV our high-performance vapor degreasing solvent (that replaces expensive solvents like Novec 71DE, 72DE, 72DA and 73DE, Vertrel, & Tergo) and ULTRA™ Vapor Degreasing Equipment with excellent solvent containment, ultrasonics and automation.

Reliance is known throughout the industry as medical device cleaning and vapor degreasing experts. We are the only company that manufactures both vapor degreasing solvent and equipment to provide you a turn-key package for medical device cleaning. Contact us to discuss your cleaning needs.

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Medical Device Vapor Degreasing Experts™:

The Only Company That Manufactures Both Solvent & Equipment for Medical Device Cleaning

Medical Device Cleaning Solvent

AeroTron™-AV solvent


  • In Stock Now - for immediate shipment
  • Safe for use on titanium, stainless steel, ceramics & other implant materials
  • Enhanced ultrasonic cleaning
  • Safer – ideal nPB & TCE replacement
  • Effective on a wide variety of soils
  • Lower cost
  • Stronger cleaning performance

Medical Device Cleaning Equipment

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  • Excellent solvent containment
  • Minimized worker solvent exposure
  • Reduced solvent cost
  • Automation for part cleaning consistency
  • Units with immersion, vapor, spray, and ultrasonics – available now
  • Simple to support in the field
  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellent training

Sample Part Cleaning

To support your medical device cleaning, Reliance will conduct a validation part cleaning with AeroTron™-100 in our ULTRA™ vapor degreasing system to assist with part cleanliness qualification as part of your due diligence process.

Reliance will emulate your current medical device and instrumentation cleaning process - so you have the comparative data you need.

Contact us or give us a call at 847.640.8923.

Completely Clean Complex Medical Parts

Reliance understands that nearly all medical devices require cleaning during manufacture to remove particulate, oils and inorganic contamination. Medical devices may be delicate parts with complex assemblies that require perfect cleaning before packaging. Vapor degreasing is a fast and reliable way to clean exceptionally small parts with intricate geometries composed of typical medical grade metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and other implant materials like ceramics.

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Reliance Specialty Products, Inc.
Manufacturers of Medical Device Vapor Degreasing Equipment and Solvents

Reliance Specialty Products, Inc. is known throughout the industry as medical device cleaning and vapor degreasing experts because we are the only company that manufactures both the ULTRA™ vapor degreasing equipment line and AeroTron™-AV vapor degreasing solvent which is a drop-in TCE & nPB replacement solvent.

Best of all, with AeroTron™-AV, the Reliance Technical Support Engineering Team is behind you. We are confident that our expertise in medical device vapor degreasing and solvent chemistries will allow us to provide the correct solution to solve any cleanliness, or productivity issues that you may have. Our technical personnel would be happy to assist you in your switch to AeroTron™-AV. We provide turn-key, value-added technical support to help in your transition.

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