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Considerations for Purchasing a Vapor Degreaser

There are 12 key things to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing a vapor degreaser:

  1. Production Through-Put
    Start by considering how many parts you need to process…this might be per hour or per day. This along with the size of the part will help determine the size of the basket and the size of the vapor degreaser. Keep in mind the larger the vapor degreaser tank, the larger the cost.
  2. Size and Complexity of the Parts
    The size of the parts (and to some degree the weight of the parts) will dictate the number of parts per basket or the need to increase the size of the tank to accommodate larger parts. Part complexity might dictate orientation in the basket and or the need for immersion and/or ultrasonics to ensure proper cleaning.
  3. Weight of Parts (Basket Weight)
    Heavy parts require more heat input to ensure there is sufficient "vapor" to clean the parts. Heavier parts might require additional heat input for proper cleaning.
  4. Contaminant Type and Amount
    Light machining oils require less processing (and possibly just vapor cleaning) versus needing immersion or ultrasonics to clean parts with complex geometries. Contaminant type and amount might also require additional filtration or even external distillation. Additionally, it may also affect how many parts you are able to clean prior to a partial or full change out of solvent from the vapor degreaser tanks.
  5. Electrical Needs
    Ultrasonics and heat requirements will impact electrical needs. . .as will the needs of your facility. So it is helpful to have an idea of the electrical service to your building.
  6. Floor Space
    Even though the vapor degreaser unit is a pretty compact system, the refrigeration systems require air circulation. So the amount of floor space and location of the unit will need to be considered.
  7. Ceiling Height
    Larger systems can be tall, so ceiling height might become a consideration especially if hoists or automated basket handling systems are needed.
  8. Door Frames
    Moving the degreaser from the shipping dock to its final location might mean it needs to fit through door ways. Take a moment and think about the route the unit will need to traverse to get to its final location.
  9. Heat Output
    On larger degreasers, the refrigeration systems are sizable to ensure proper solvent containment. In such cases, the primary refrigeration system can be "chiller" cooled and the chiller can be placed outside or in a separate location to reduce the amount of heat. Note: The secondary refrigeration system is usually on the platform of the vapor degreaser.
  10. Ventilation
    Actually overhead ventilation is not recommended as it reduces the efficiency of the refrigeration systems on the vapor degreaser by pulling the solvent past the refrigeration coils. Ventilation is usually at the floor if at all.
  11. Automated Basket Handling Systems
    Automated basket handling systems (also known as hoists or lift systems) provide consistent parts basket processing and thus consistent cleaning. They also minimize worker solvent interaction. If consistent part cleaning and worker involvement are of concern, an automated system might be worth the investment.
  12. Cleaning Solvent
    Solvents provide the cleaning capability in a vapor degreaser. Non-flammable, azeotropic solvents that can be distilled are required in a vapor degreaser.
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In this video we discuss 12 considerations for purchasing a vapor degreaser. This will give you guidelines and insights into the type of features you will need on the vapor degreaser and the size of the unit you will need.

All in all, vapor degreasing is a very efficient and powerful cleaning process. And purchasing a vapor degreaser is fairly straightforward as the size of the unit is primary dictated by the size of the part basket. Taking these items into consideration will ensure you get the right degreaser for your cleaning needs.

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