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Spent Solvent Waste Disposal Program

Reliance offers an easy-to-use Spent Solvent Waste Disposal Program for companies interested in disposing of their vapor degreasing solvents.

Benefits of the Program:

Solvent recycling program
Easily Dispose of
Your Used Solvent

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my Company apply to participate in the program?

Qualification is Simple. To qualify, a Waste Profile needs to be prepared and a sample provided our Disposal Center. The Waste Profile and a representative sample of the spent solvent resulting from your cleaning process are sent to the Disposal Center for review to determine eligibility for participation. Shortly thereafter, you will be notified in writing of approval to participate in the Program.

We will provide you with a "spent solvent" kit which has everything you need to get into the program including sample bottle, application form, over-pack and transmittal letter to send to the Disposal Center for qualification into the Program.

What does it cost to apply and participate?

Typically, only shipping costs. There is no charge to determine qualification in the program (and most companies easily qualify). Once you qualify to participate in the program, except for the cost of transportation, there is no fee for disposal of spent solvent. Incidentally, in most instances, the spent solvent can ship by common carrier as a non-hazardous material.

Once we are approved, how do we send in our spent solvent for disposal?

Each shipment will require an authorization number and shipping label and an SDS. To send your spent solvent in for disposal, you will need to obtain an authorization number and shipping label. Your Reliance Representative will assist you in this step. Attach the authorization shipping labels provided to each of the drums of spent solvent and then they are ready for transport to our Disposal Center facility for disposal.

Do I ever need to re-qualify for continuing participation in the program?

No, you will not need to re-qualify as long as your spent solvent waste stream stays the same composition. Your qualification into the program is for an ongoing stream of the same composition as your initial sample. If your company changes your cleaning process such that the composition of spent solvent stream changes (addition components or significantly different amounts of the components of the approved waste stream) then your company will need to re-apply for qualification for participation of the changed waste stream in the program.

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