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Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning is an excellent alternative to doing it yourself

parts cleaning

Use our facilities and expertise, when you...

  • Need parts cleaned but do not want to invest in a vapor degreasing operation
  • Have an interim need for parts cleaning
  • Do not want to be distracted by learning all of the cleaning options available
  • Are at capacity and need additional cleaning capability
  • Do not want to deal with the regulatory reporting hassles of chemical cleaning operations

We are solvent cleaning experts

  • We know how to optimize cleaning operations for maximum cleanliness
  • We have a variety of systems for various part sizes
  • We have a capacity that enables quick turnaround
  • We use environmentally friendly solvents that are not ozone depleting

Full Service Cleaning Lab

  • Small, Medium and Large size vapor degreasing equipment for all size jobs
  • Test cleaning of parts prior to production for cleanliness validation
  • Immersion, Ultrasonics and Vapor Only options available