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GenTech Free Sample

Comparison to Perchloroethylene

Performance Properties

GenTech PERC
Boiling Point 160°F 250°F
Flash Point None None
Evaporation Rate (n Butyl Acetate = 1) 4.5 2.1
Azeotropic Composition Yes Yes
Inhibited Against Metal Corrosion Yes Yes
Inhibited Against Hydrolysis Yes Yes
Kauri Butanol Value 129 90

Regulatory Profile

GenTech PERC
Hazardous Air Pollutant No Yes
NESHAP Regulated Not Regulated Yes
Cancer Classification:
None A3-Animal Carcinogen
  • IARC
Not Listed 2A- Probably carcinogenic to humans
CERCLA Reportable Quantity Not Applicable 100 lbs.
Department of Transportation Not regulated Hazard Classification 6.1
(Packing Group III)
RCRA Hazard Waste Number Not applicable U 210
VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Yes No

Technical Physical Properties

GenTech PERC
Specific Gravity, 25/25°C 1.31 1.62
Pounds Per Gallon @ 77°F 10.99 13.47
Specific Heat, 25°C, cal/g 0.27 0.21
Latent Heat, cal/g 58.5 50.1
Viscosity, 25°C, cps 0.49 0.75
Vapor Pressure, 25°C (mm Hg) 139 18.2
Vapor Density (Air =1) 4.3 5.76
Water Solubility (g/100 ml) 0.25 0.015
Flammability Limits LEL/UEL 3% to 9.0% 13% to 23%

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