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Powerful Metal Cleaning Solvent

GenTech Metal Cleaner GenTech is an affordable, high-quality degreasing solvent - perfect for cleaning a wide variety of soils. It is eco-friendly and formulated for use in your current vapor degreaser, ultrasonic unit or as a cold wipe solvent.
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Excellent Compatibility with All Metals

GenTech Vapor Degreasing and Cleaning Solvent is specifically designed for compatibility with all metals and a variety of plastics and elastomers. GenTech effectively cleans white metals, ferrous metals, precious metals and alloys in a variety of cleaning applications including immersion, vapor degreasing, ultrasonic and cold wipe cleaning.
Metal Compatibility Chart, Plastic Compatibility Chart

Easily Removes a Variety of Contaminants

GenTech is highly effective in cleaning organic contaminants such as oils, greases, lubricants, coolants, drawing fluids, adhesives, waxes, fluxes and flux residues. GenTech is formulated to be compatible with all metals and a broad range of elastomers and plastics.

Powerful Drop-In Replacement for Chlorinated Solvents: Trichloroethylene and Perchloroethylene

GenTech is a powerful, safe alternative to TCE (Trichloroethylene) and PERC (Perchloroethylene). We like to say GenTech has all of the cleaning power of chlorinateds without the Health and Safety (H&S) detriments. The physical properties (no flash point, fast evaporation, 160°F boiling point, solvency power, extended bath life, stability, and distillation) and favorable regulatory profile make GenTech ideal for replacing chlorinated solvents.
GenTech to TCE Comparison

Favorable Regulatory Profile

GenTech contains no HAP's (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and is not NESHAP regulated. It is not considered a hazardous material by the DOT. Additionally, spent GenTech is not a hazardous waste, so disposal is simple and cost effective using our GenTech Waste Disposal Program.

GenTech Benefits

GenTech Products
  • Excellent for cleaning a wide variety of metals
  • Non-chlorinated (a direct replacement for TCE and PERC and many expensive fluorinateds)
  • Non-flammable (No flash point)
  • Approved by US EPA - Significant New Alternative Program (SNAP)
  • Not regulated under NESHAP
  • Excellent soil loading
  • Fast evaporation
  • Extended, stable bath life
  • Rust preventative
  • Minimal non-volatile residue
  • Non-hazardous air pollutant
  • Ships Non-Hazardous (not regulated by DOT)
  • Free to use Solvent Disposal Program

Expert Technical Support With Every Drum

The Reliance Technical Support Engineering Team is the best in the industry - bar none. And we are behind you to ensure your success. We are confident that our expertise in solvent chemistries, vapor degreasing equipment and regulatory compliance will allow us to provide the correct solution to solve any cleanliness, productivity or regulatory issues that you may have. We provide turn-key, value-added technical support to help your transition to GenTech.

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GenTech is always in stock and is available in 1, 5, and 55 gallon drums which ship the same day as your order is received.

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