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Non-Flammable Hydrocarbon Extraction Solvent

oil rig EnTron-AE is a high performance hydrocarbon extraction solvent designed to be a superior cutting agent for the oil and geological industries. The fast evaporation combined with high solvency power, non-florescence and non-flammability make it an ideal hydrocarbon extraction solvent and cutting agent - superior over alcohol and lighter fluid.

Direct Replacement for Alcohol & Lighter Fluid
EnTron-AE eliminates the flammability, safety and error issues associated with alcohol and lighter fluid.

Non-Flammable solvent that is easily transported via common carrier. You can even put it in your suitcase when traveling from site to site.

Evaporates fast, getting the results quickly and reducing the amount of time spent on each sample.

Doesn't impart color to sample
EnTron-AE does not impart any phosphorescent color when viewing the hydrocarbon extraction from a core sample (unlike alcohol which imparts blue hue and lighter fluid which imparts green hue. EnTron-AE has a natural florescence. Does not change the phosphorescent signature of the hydrocarbon resulting in a more accurate field test.

Features & Benefits:EnTron Solvent

  • Non-Flammable (has no flash point)
  • Fast Evaporating (for Fast Sample Evaluation)
  • Natural Florescence (does not impart any phosphorescent color)
  • Easily used on core samples
  • Superior Cutting Agent
  • Excellent hydrocarbon extraction solvent
Environmental / Regulatory
NESHAP Reporting Not Required
Department of Transportation - DOT Regulation Non-Hazardous Waste
Transportation Not Regulated
Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) 100%
Boiling Point 160°F (71°C)
Flash Point None
KB Value 129
Specific Gravity 1.33
Evaporation Rate 4.5
Vapor Pressure (mmHg) 139
Vapor Density 4.3
Specific Heat 0.27
Non-Volatile Residue < 10 ppm
Water Content, max. 150 ppm

If you are interested in purchasing EnTron-AE or finding out more, please contact us at 847.640.8923.

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