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AeroTron™-E degreasing solvent

Electronics Vapor Degreasing Solvent

AeroTron™-E is a powerful, advanced fluorinated solvent that effectively removes a variety of contaminants from electronic/electrical parts and printed circuit boards.

AeroTron™ is a powerful, advanced fluorinated solvent that effectively removes a variety of contaminants from metal parts and printed circuit boards. AeroTron™-E special formulation removes rosin flux, no-clean flux, oils, greases, wax and some polar contaminants that can cause boards to fail.

AeroTron™-E is the solvent of choice for manufacturers fabricating electronic parts, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and delicate components. Increasingly, companies need vapor degreasing solvents that clean effectively and are safer for their employees. AeroTron™-E is a vapor degreaser that fills the need.

Advantages of AeroTron™-E:

  • No NESHAP reporting required
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Excellent in a vapor degreaser to completely clean dirt, oil, and other contaminants from electrical components
  • Enhances ultrasonic cleaning
  • Easily removes flux residue, polar/non-polar contaminants, fingerprints, and hydrocarbons
  • Non-Flammable
  • Use in your current vapor degreaser or current cleaning operation
  • Drop-In replacement for TCE, PERC and nPB
  • US-EPA SNAP approved (Significant New Alternative Policy)
  • No-hydrolysis reaction—means no acid testing or boosting
  • Recyclable / Distillable
  • Ships common carrier
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Cleaning Rosin Flux

rosin flux on circuit board-before cleaning view
BEFORE cleaning in AeroTron™-100 vapor degreasing solvent
rosin flux on circuit board-after cleaning view
AFTER cleaning in AeroTron™-100 vapor degreasing solvent

AeroTron™-E Means Improved Health & Safety Profile - 150 ppm

Excellent for Vapor Degreasing & Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • No special equipment modifications required for vapor degreasing
  • Health and safety upgrade from nPB, TCE, Perc & MC
  • Use as a direct, drop-in replacement in your vapor degreaser
  • Easy to switch over to AeroTron™-E

Sample Part Cleaning

To support your transition to AeroTron™-E, Reliance will conduct a validation part cleaning with AeroTron™-E in our vapor degreasing system to help with part cleanliness qualification as part of your due diligence process.

Reliance will emulate your current production process - so you have the comparative data you need.

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Reliance Specialty Products, Inc.
Manufacturers of Vapor Degreasing Equipment and Vapor Degreasing Solvents

Reliance Specialty Products, Inc. is known throughout the industry as vapor degreasing experts because we manufacture both the ULTRA™ vapor degreasing equipment line and AeroTron™ vapor degreasing solvents which are drop-in TCE & nPB replacement solvents.

ULTRA™ Vapor Degreaser FEATURES:

  • Minimize worker solvent exposure
  • Enhance solvent containment
  • Provide state of the art control systems
  • Allow easy field maintenance
  • Automate basket handling for consistent parts processing
  • Adapt for use of non-flammable solvents