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3D Print Vapor Smoothing and Vapor Polishing

Vapor Smoothing is a fast, effective way to achieve a smooth finish for your 3D Printed Objects. By using the ULTRA Vapor Smoothing System, 3D printed parts can be finished to a fine smoothness without losing the detail of the original printed part.

Superior Results over Sanding, Brushing, Dipping or Wiping

Traditional hand-finishing processes are often difficult, cumbersome and tedious with inconsistent results. Vapor Smoothing provides:

  • Consistent, uniform results to every part that is vapor smoothed.
  • Significantly reduced processing times from hours to minutes.
  • Smoothing of parts with complex geometries and intricate angles.
  • Easy removal of small layer lines.
  • Smoothing of most FDM thermoplastics including ABS and ASA.
  • Elimination of the use of flammable solvents like Acetone and THF.

Injected Molded-like Finish

part before and after vapor smoothing
3D Printed Part before and after 40 seconds in the vapor smoothing system.

ULTRA Vapor Smoothing System

Ultra Vapor Smoothing System
Accommodates 3D printed parts up to 12" long x 20" wide x 16" tall

Simple to Use Vapor Smoothing System

The ULTRA Vapor Smoothing System comes with everything you need to vapor smooth your parts including solvent, basket and inner tank platform.

3D Printed parts are lowered into the "vapor zone" of the tank of the vapor smoothing system and allowed to heat for around 10-30 seconds. As the part heats, the vapor works to smooth the surface. After 30 seconds or so, lift the part into the curing area to allow the part to cool. If additional smoothing is desired - repeat. Smoothing is complete, quick and consistent.

Send Us Some Parts--
We Will Send Them Back Smooth and Polished!

Sometimes the proof is in the polish - so we invite you to send us some of your sample 3D printed parts and we will vapor smooth them. You will see first-hand how well the vapor smoothing process works.


before cleaning
Before Vapor Polishing


after cleaning
After Vapor Polishing

Benefits of Working with Reliance: We are Vapor Smoothing Experts

Reliance Specialty Products brings the best current solvent and equipment technology to bear to support our customers' precision and general cleaning and finishing needs. In support of our solvent and equipment products, we have a fully staffed analytical lab, technical support, and staff of seasoned experts that are well versed in both the equipment and solvent aspects of vapor cleaning and polishing. We provide a total solution to your vapor polishing needs.

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